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pest management

tree health care

Investing in your trees' health through preventative and spot treatment for fungal/bacterial diseases and insects will prolong their lifespan and improve their performance.

managing disease & insects

Managing the planting conditions of trees is one of the most effective ways to stimulate a tree's defenses to disease and insects.

When trees are susceptible to attack, or when insects or diseases are present, chemical treatments can help protect your trees. 


  • Foliar spray

  • Trunk (Basal-bark) spray

  • Soil injection

  • Direct trunk injection

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abiotic disorders

Uncommon or unsightly leaf appearance can be the result of weather, nutrient deficiencies and other non-living factors.  

Treatments to combat detrimental conditions or improve soil nutrition imbalances can help get your trees back on track.


  • Deep root fertilization (soil injection)

  • Plant Growth Regulators

  • Myccorhizae Injections 

  • Soil stimulants (soil injection)

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